Co-Sign Speakeasy Desserts

Co-Sign Speakeasy Desserts

“The Berries” | 9

2 slices of red velvet roll cake with a cream cheese icing. Topped with a cherry rosemary jelly.

“Bonnie and Clyde” | 21

A oven hot, pretzel crusted fudge brownie, drizzled with Chocolate and Caramel. Topped off with Burbon infused French Vanilla/Carmel ice cream.  

Big enough for two, but so good you may not want to share….It’s okay, we don’t judge…😉

Sliced Apples | 6

Sliced Apples with chocolate and caramel infused with frangelico liqueur.

Bootleggers Treat | 6

Whiskey infused vanilla  ice cream topped with chocolate or caramel 

Bootleggers Treat | 8

Whiskey infused vanilla  ice cream topped with both chocolate and caramel 

Speakeasy Mini Eclairs | 6

4 eclairs topped with chocolate  sauce and served with a fruit jelly for dipping

Charcuterie Boards | Regular 13 – X-large 20



Artisanal cheeses of both hard and soft cheeses. Every board comes with a dessert cheese. Crackers, fruit, peppers and an assortment of meats.