Want to join a league but have Summer plans? This is the league for you! We promise you don’t have to reschedule your vacation or leave the kids with that one weird neighbor for the night. The RelAXEd League is a non-committal league where we pick random teams of 4 based on the night’s attendance. NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY! Did I mention that there are no league dues or signup fees? Sign up by clicking the picture below.

The RelAXEd League starts on June 6th.

7:45 pm – Starts on 6/6/19
Runs every Thursday for 9 weeks
$15 per player / per week – No obligation – No penalties
Teams of 4 are picked at random each week
Individual scores recorded

Want to start a work League? Looking for something new for the club to do? How about just a group of friends who like to get out of the house once a week? Click below and start your own league!

We have partnered up with PSL to host a Spring League starting on March 25th. For more info and to signup please click the image below!

Click here to view the scores for the 2019 PSL League

For more information or to start a league, email us at AceAxeSales@gmail.com.