IATF Premier Tuesday Black League Starting 08/24/21

Go to the booking page  and select “Leagues”. After that, you must select August 24th on the Calendar. Enter info and payment to reserve your spot.

Calling all NEW Axe Throwers!!

FREE Open House 08/24/21 5:00pm – 6:00pm League will began promptly at 6:30
Stop by and throw for free and check out how the leagues are run.
If you want to stick around and signup for the league great!
Each league lasts 8 weeks and you can miss up to 3 weeks.
No experience or equipment necessary!

Enter your info here to be entered to win a free league entry ($120 Value)

One person will be randomly selected 08/24 after the open house.

Want to start a work League? Looking for something new for the club to do? How about just a group of friends who like to get out of the house once a week? Click below and start your own league!

For more information or to start a league, email us at Aceaxethrowing@gmail.com.