Scavenger Hunt


The 2018 PGH Scavenger Hunt was a huge success! Thank you to everyone who played and organized the event. We look forward to hosting another one next year! Below are the clues and answers from this years hunt.






Teams can have a maximum of 5 people

ALL traffic and local laws must be followed. Please be respectful of the communities, businesses, etc where clue stops may be.

Each clue stop must be visited to receive info for next location and Code Word.

At final location ALL team members MUST be present and have ALL Code Words.

After this info is confirmed the final team will be given “OK” by Scavenger Hunt management to dig for buried treasure.

Questions? Please email


Ace Axe Throwing


What is the cost? $25.00 per team with a maximum of 5 people per team.

Can we have team members scattered around city? Yes. All code words must be gathered and ALL team members must be present at final location to dig for treasure.

Should we walk or have a car? A car is recommended. The locations are spread around the city of Pittsburgh and surrounding neighborhoods. Walking may be difficult, or impossible.

What happens if the snap chat geo filter doesn’t work? A staff member will be present at each location with a physical copy of the same exact clue on snap chat.

What stops teams from working together? Nothing. Only one team will win and be given the prize.

Do I need to show you the purchased ticket day of? No, purchasing the ticket grants you access to the event info via email and access to dig at the final location.