Tales from the Vault

– Tales from the Vault – 

Familiar with Tabletop role playing games? Tales from the Vault is a new TTRPG system created by a few passionate game designers from Ace Axe Throwing who wanted to throw something a little more dangerous than dice.

Tales from the Vault is a choose-your-own-adventure style RPG using axe throwing as the core mechanic. You and your party members will select your adventurers and enter into the many worlds of Amity. As a team you will progress through each adventure making group decisions with real-time consequences. As you explore, it’s up to your party to sink enough axes to evade traps, engage with some well-meaning NPC’s, and – of course – to strike down the enemies that stand between you and victory.

Meet some new friends or turn on existing ones. Work together as a party to take down mobs of hostile creatures and humans or go solo and claim all the glory for yourself. Our one of a kind Axe Throwing system was designed to accommodate new throwers and veterans alike, so all brave adventurers are welcome to apply. Gather your party and bring peace back to the world of Amity. After your adventure you can go head – to – head in a PVP combat encounter and swap adventure stories over a few rounds of ale at our full service bar.