Kim Young Throwdown

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Kim Young PA Throwdown Invitational – JANUARY 30, 2021

Supporting Pittsburgh and Philadelphia Charities in honor of Kim Young

On January 30, 2021 Ace Axe Pittsburgh and Mazhu Axes Philadelphia will join forces to honor the memory of a dear friend to the Axe Throwing Community. The Kim Young PA Throwdown Invitational will be the first event of its kind, bringing together competitors from both sides of Pennsylvania to benefit Pittsburgh and Philadelphia-based charities whose missions align with Kim’s passions. 

To the uninitiated, Kim Young was a loving wife, educator, mentor, organizer, volunteer, activist, dog mom, and axe thrower.  She spent the majority of her free time helping those most in our community – the elderly and those with special needs. Simply put, Kim was an astonishingly selfless, beautiful human being.  She was not our best thrower, but she never gave up and was always willing to listen to advice.  She cared deeply about the growth of our community and assisting those who best represented it.  She was eagerly looking forward to coming back to league, but, to the devastating dismay of those that had the privilege of knowing her, Kim passed away suddenly, and unexpectedly, in September – a week prior to our league start.

This event, held between some of the top-ranked axe throwers in the world, hailing between two great rival cities, will help keep her memory and competitive spirit alive.  Axe throwing is a unique and intriguing sport that, like most skilled sports, is as much mental as it is physical. It’s also the second-fastest growing sport in the world.  The popularity isn’t due to novelty – it’s because of community and sportsmanship. Enjoying each other’s company, improving your personal game, and comparing your growth to those around the world via an online ranking system are hallmarks of axe throwing.  It’s likely the only sport that will elicit a hug from your opponent (especially if it’s a challenging match).  This is the draw for many people and the overwhelming reason why Kim Young loved it so much.

Ace Axe Pittsburgh and Mazhu Axes Philadelphia are asking for a donation to put towards the charity tournament.  All proceeds, less costs of the tournament, will go towards designated Pittsburgh and Philadelphia-based charities.  Since this will be a team-based, Pittsburgh vs. Philadelphia rival matchup, the affiliated city that wins will have 60% of the monetary pool go towards their charity of choice.  The losing city will get 40%.

The event will be broadcasted live on Ace Axe Pittsburgh’s YouTube Page and linked to Facebook/Instagram for viewing.  Those contributing will be mentioned by name throughout the broadcast and advertising space is available on the throwing boards and on the backs of the throwers shirts – which will be in view consistently throughout the broadcast. The broadcast will be live for approximately 4 hours and then linked on the page indefinitely.  This event takes place Saturday, January 30th from approximately 11:30pm to 4:30pm.
For further questions and where to donate, please feel free to email: (Pittsburgh) and/or (Philadelphia)